Friday, 27 May 2011

"ſtairs! We have found ſtairs!"
- House Of Leaves.

I've found myself clinging to the book like a life preserver. It makes me feel like I'm doing SOMETHING, even if all I'm doing is reading a book, which, frankly, I'm amazed got published. While the sources purport to be factual, the author has chosen to arrange them, not in chronological order, as would have probably been an actually good idea, but instead in some bizarre order known only to Bleakley himself. It's also loaded with fanciful conjecture, bizarre imagery and, at times, a jarringly antiquated vocabulary. There's clearly no desire to present facts objectively, with Bleakley instead choosing to let his sense of theatricality run amok. It's a difficult read, much denser than it needs to be. But one thing is easy to ascertain; This Walking Willow is Daddy.

I can't believe I'm saying this crap.

The Walking Willow is Daddy, and I'm almost certain that they're both now better known as the Slender Man. Though, with that last link, there are a few rather jarring differences. I'll go into further detail once I've read further into the book. I might also re-read Kari's blog, if I can face it.

But this goes back a long way, longer than I think any of us have given it credit for. Daddy has been doing these things for a long, long time.

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