Monday, 9 May 2011

The Ledge: Or, Why Hollywould should never be allowed to make a movie about atheism vs theism

Maybe I'm just in a pissy mood right now but the trailer for upcoming thriller "The Ledge" which I just saw over on MovieBob's blog really got on my nerves.

I'm used to the atheist being wrong in movies. I'm used to people with paper-thin reasons for not being religious being instantly converted, with no-one in movies ever having their atheism come as a result of their own reasoning. I'm used to religious people claiming the moral high ground in every fucking situation because they have "moral authority", despite their censored version of biblical morality generally being reduced to "human decency" at best, a faculty which all film atheists are basically without.

But from the looks of the trailer, the whole thing is just going to be a "affair-revenge flick" with religion as its contrived way to give itself an edge. The whole religious aspect is entirely anciliary to the central point of the crazy religious guy just being a pissed off husband, and the cheating protagonist being an atheist is equally so. That's just cheap. This could have been interesting! You could strip all this crap out and still have a well-crafted, B-list-acted take on this subgenre of the thriller. And I only hope that this doesn't end like Frailty, with - SPOILERS
The bad guy having had God on his side all along
or I will lose my fucking wig.

Yes, I'm venting from a certain other issue that's rather upset me. So?

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