Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Kari just posted on her blog (, saying that she has reason to suspect that Daddy is some kind of alien or something. I appreciate that she is terrified and sleep-deprived, and I'd just like to let you all know that she's really not herself right now. Of course, it seems logical to ascribe monstrous qualities to someone like Daddy, especially when, against all odds, he's found you in witness protection in a matter of days. He would be, to a tired and scared mind, something monsterous. Monsters, after all, are defeated by a big, strong hero at the end of the story. Happily ever after and all that. But the Kari I knew, before all this crap, would never search for answers in the supernatural. She's a science geek, after all. She looks for rational answers. It's scary to see just how far she's fallen, that she's resorting to making him some fantastical boogeyman.

EDIT: It seems she's not the only person looking outside the realms of rationality. There's an article in the local paper today about similar murders that happened throughout Eastbourne's history, based on some crackpot book the article's writer found in the library. A steady stream of them from the 1600s to the 1910s, with spates in the 60s and 90s. If anything sounded like it was made up to sell copies, it's 400 years of  murders. The things people will make up to cash in on tragedy.


  1. The weird thing is, if it is a supernatural creature called Slenderman, the best defense is to not believe in it

    I gave her tips in case she can't stop her belief, but please, assume me and everyone else is insane and get her to not believe. If we are right, it will save her. If we are wrong, it will help her mental state and let her get better

    So no matter what, make her believe it is just a stalker and not some freakish thing

  2. Well if that's the best defence against Slenderman (weird name, sounds like a skinny jewish guy), then I'm his kryptonite right now.

    (btw didn't you advise us to ignore the Slenderman crazies just a few days ago? Quite the switcharoo, especially since, if belief in it helps it, then you being the first to mention it won't have been constructive...)

  3. This guy left me a comment too. He was one of many, so I've been less inclined to stick his up. I'm assuming that he's a mental, which is nice, because he advises us to.

    You may have a point in your post. I'm really not built for this whole paranormal thing, huh? Still, if you have something better to explain all this crap, I'll gladly take it.