Monday, 30 May 2011

pg. 148

"Of course, His preference for children is the most obvious, and perhaps the most worrying of all His traits. When adults are attacked, it is usually because they saw something, they heard something. But the children are attacked, and slain, with no apparent pattern. It would appear that He prefers children.

Michael Pulman, aged 9, was taken on the 12 July 1994, having walked into his parents room to tell them that the tree outside his room was not right, that he'd looked for a good long time even though his eyes hurt, and that he thought that the "tree has too many branches."

And even though he was scared his parents told him to go back to his room. He just wanted to crawl into bed with them, and feel safe. Why, oh, why did they not understand that there was a man in the tree outside his room, and that the man's arms looked almost like branches?

And so Michael was sent back to his room. And his parents have had to live with that for every waking moment of our lives, and it tears them apart even now. His mother, of course, was taken later, but his father was not. Whether or not he is the lucky one is debatable."

It stops there for three pages before talking about the dress of stage hands in kabuki theatre. How this book ever got past an editor is beyond me.

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