Saturday, 28 May 2011

Pg. 106:

"It helps not to think of Him as a physical entity, but rather as a quantum occurrence. Many cases of His malevolence have occurred near-simultaneously on opposite ends of the world, yet to suggest that there is more than one seems gauche. It seems instead that He defies the temporal and spacial planes we inhabit in some way. Of course, this draws a contradiction; His interaction with the world is physical, yet His nature is not. The dividing line for this appears to be observation. When He is observed, He is anchored to the physical world; when He is not, He may defy whatever rules he pleases. The act of observing an action alters the result. Quantum mechanics states that this is so*."

* This is actually untrue on anything other than an atomic level. This is something people assume from the Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment, which many theoretical physicists have refuted entirely. Similarly, people tend to misunderstand Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle to mean this, but that states that it is impossible to accurately measure two dependent statistics - that the closer you observe one, the less possible it becomes to accurately observe the other. Again, misunderstanding of the Double-Slit experiment gives a similar conclusion. Bleakley's knowledge of physics best, fuzzy.

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