Saturday, 28 May 2011

"Corners, however, only reveal more corners, and Jed’s light only targets ashen walls, though soon enough they all begin to detect that inimitable growl, like calving glaciers, far off in the distance, which at least in the mind’s eye, inhabits a thin line between where rooms and passageways must finally concede to become a horizon."
 - House of Leaves

So between reading the book and reading various blogs, I've noticed a few rather odd differences between "Daddy" and the Slender Man as the rest of you know him. The foremost is the lack of what many blogs refer to as Proxies, or Revenants. Many other encounters seem to have had human...servants? Worshipers? Puppets? working on behalf of the Slender Man, something which I've seen no evidence of with the Slender Man, or with any of the case studies in The Walking Willow. Perhaps as a related point, "Daddy" seems much more aggressive than other incidences of The Slender Man. Some "Runners" have been staving off death for months, even years. Whereas Kari

The differences are troubling. They reduce the degree to which we can predict what'll happen next.

That's all for today. I'm gonna attempt to sleep. I make no guarantee. Still hoping that HE hasn't caught onto me yet.

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