Friday, 27 May 2011

pg. 99:

"Only one factor of His appearance changes throughout the time He has been stalking this earth. His clothes, though always black, have not stayed the same over the centuries. His attire has, however, always been similar to that associated with groups and professions holding influence and power over the people of the time. Men of war. Men of religion. Men of business. Is it any wonder that, in many cultures, Death Himself is a skeletal man dressed in black monk's robes?

This does, however, raise a troubling question - how old is the Walking Willow, to have potentially influenced humanity, not just in the periods documented here, but further back into the base of human history? Is He a man? A lineage of men, stretching back centuries, in a secret order of murderers? Or is he something else? Something, not just older, but Old, like a hand reaching out from antiquity to claw at the throats of the living?"

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