Saturday, 21 May 2011

Kari's disappeared.

At about 03:00 yesterday, cameras around the perimeter of the house started malfunctioning. Some gave off intense static, some just shut off, although the only ones which malfunctioned were within a dozen feet of one another, granting a short pathway through the camera perimeter. Shortly thereafter a fire started in the house she and her family were holed up in, near the room Kari slept in. The guards safely managed to get everyone but Kari out of the house. At some point between her and her sister being woken up and being led out of the building, she vanished. No-one's even sure precisely when she was there and when she wasn't. When the fire brigade got there, they immediately sent people in, but could not find here. The blaze had spread abnormally fast, and they could only check so many places. When it was extinguished, however, they searched again, and couldn't find a body. They searched and searched. In the meantime, during the evacuation, perimeter cameras started malfunctioning in a straight line again, this time in an order moving back out.

Daddy: 4, us: 0.

Kari's parents were distraught. In their sorrow, they lashed out at the police, calling local and national news outlets to let them know that the police in charge of this now-famous case had failed. That was how I found out, at about 10:45. Do you know how it feels to find out, to be glibly informed by arranged dots on a screen, that the girl you love has been kidnapped by a killer?

Powerless. Shocked. Appalled. Sick, to the very bottom of your stomach. Scared. Confused. Alone.

I broke down in the middle of the college library, sobbing away in front of a computer. Weeks and weeks of fears confirmed. It was five minutes before anyone came to check what was wrong. I cried myself to sleep, and I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed until late this afternoon. I feel...empty, like if I engage my feelings at all I'll be overwhelmed again. Operating on the shallowest possible level.

Kari's gone.

Well, she'd been gone for weeks, but not like this, not so totally, utterly. Gone. Absent. She's left us, whisked away by a tall dark stranger, and the last time I saw her, she was kicking me out of her house after noticing that video was up. She was furious, cursing. I was failing utterly to explain my actions. The last time I heard her voice, it was over the phone, trauma and exhaustion stripping her voice of emotion. Relaying the specifics of her day. Sidestepping my questioning of how're you doing? The last thing she ever said to me - I think she was describing Him. Her Abductor. Daddy. And now she's missing. Gone. Totally. Utterly. And if I ever see her again, it'll probably be her corpse.

I just want her back.

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