Tuesday, 31 May 2011

pg. 181:
"The Willow's age is, unfortunately indeterminable, but throughout human history, as you have seen in this section, there is evidence of His contact with the world's civilisations. The spate of recurring incidences within the East Sussex area, however, is a problem which has baffled parapsychologists and cryptozoologists for years. Poultergeist-botherers and the desperately gullible, however, are laughably ill-equipped to deal with an existential horror whose presence almost predates written word. Thus, it is left to me to make my own, decidedly better-informed speculation, based on my years of research.

I believe that He comes after people who know too much. East Sussex was the site of one of the more well-publicised early sightings following the development of national communication, and thus, every so often, one happens upon too much information, learns too much, and another spree commences. This damned group includes me, and now includes you, dear reader. I can only hope that in delivering you to Him, I can drive Him away from me, as even now, as I write these words, I can see Him, out of the window in my office. He's perfectly still, His featureless face staring up at me. I've grown calloused to the ache, over the years since that one night, and I write this hoping that He comes after you, neglecting to take my life. My sanity is slipping, and soon it will leave me, but the sorrow of years has dulled the sting of this trauma. I welcome it, and merely wish for the nightmare to end.

I am sorry, and hope that in trapping you I have given you the tools to defeat Him."

That bastard.

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