Sunday, 29 May 2011


"Nor have contemporart (sic) sources failed to provide incidence of the Walking Willow. Jay Smith, a security company call centre worker, provides the following testimony:

"I read and listen to a bunch of alarms every night. A large majority of them are false alarms. A small handful of those false alarms are just the ones that get me thinking. These small handful of alarms are ones when people either press their panic button or call to complain that their alarm hadn't sounded.
In the first instance, we get a lot of "A man standing at our door, not responding to us."
"A tall man at our window."
"There's a man wearing black in our yard. Just standing there."
And in the second instance, it's a case where a person is either coming home and sees someone in their home, or worse..."

(Mr. Smith coughs throatily, and when he starts again, his voice is cracked and hoarse.)

"...or worse, they wake up and see someone in the hallway..."

(The audio clip reveals a loud, wavering inhale from Mr. Smith)

"...someone in the hallway, always just standing...while their system is...armed.
And in at least three instances, there have been actual alarms where the police reported to us that they saw an individual in a home. A tall, white male in a suit."

Police have chalked this up to thieves wearing suits because appearing middle-class and employed makes them look less suspicious while casing or robbing a building."

And yes, I've changed the layout. For reasons which should be obvious. This is no longer Old Celluloid.

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