Wednesday, 25 May 2011

"Keener intellects, however, now regard scientific conjecture concerning the house as just another dead end. It would seem the language of objectivity can never adequately address the reality of that place on Ash Tree Lane."
- House of Leaves

Days of fear and sadness have gutted me, made me feel empty. I continue to do nothing as the girl I love has been abducted by a murderer whose capabilities confound any measures to stop him. Lay in bed. Lights off. My friends have been round to visit as though I were in hospital. They're aloof, awkward. Dealing with their own emotional messes over this. Anyone with a basic sense of pattern recognition would assume that...well, optimism is hard to come by. And so I'm lying in my bed with the curtains drawn and the lights off and I'm remembering the cute little smile that would always break across her face when she got embarrassed, and her big blue eyes, and the softness of her lips and how when we held hands, I could always feel her heartbeat. How she was always so strong, always such a strong young woman, even though her body was frail. I remember parties where we just hung out together, being far too boring for the other guests, and the first time we slept together, and the first few conversations where I realised just how much smarter than me she was, and the last kind words we said to one another. And how much I love that girl, how much I always loved her, and love her even now, even though she's gone, maybe forever. How I never got the chance to tell her that anything like as many times as she deserved.

And I remembered, there is something I can do. She's smarter than me, she was always smarter than me, and that's quite something, and she had felt that she was forced to come to the conclusion that Daddy wasn't human, wasn't...something we, as a species, understand. And I tried to rationalise this, I tried to explain it away, but rationality led me nowhere Trying to be rational was useless, because whatever it is that Daddy is defies rationality. Kari knew that that Daddy was something else, but didn't know what. The effect on video cameras. The fact that Kari seemed to have a dream predicting a little too much about Joey's death for comfort. The fact that he could get past any obstacle in his way. The ache. The ache that seemed to be there whenever anyone got a good look at him.

So I've been doing some digging.

And the first conclusion I've come to is that this "Akinil" guy who kept commenting on our blogs is a dick.

Somehow, he knew exactly what Daddy was. I don't know how, but he hit the nail right on the fucking head, and he just came by at the wrong time. He told us what it was, and sounded like a conspiracy nut doing so, and so we wrote him off.

So sorry, Akinil. You were right. I guess sorry for the "dick" comment above too, though I'm just about to justify that. You could at least have linked us to some information, you know. We would have read it, and maybe understood. Instead, you...well, you ranted about things over 8 feet tall confusing him. It's hard to tell the difference between people who sound like madmen and actual madmen, you know. But the...

Right, to explain, does anyone know what happens when you type "tall suit thin long arms no face" into Google?

A whole load of fashion advice, and a whole load of stuff about an entity called the Slender Man. Tall. Thin. Suited. No face. Kidnaps children. Goes after witnesses. Arson. Murder. Paranoia. Stalking.

But the thing is the wealth of information on him. If you dig even slightly you find hundreds of cases on Slender Man incidence. It's hard to know where to start. Most are probably fictional, some may well just be the rantings of madmen. But I'm going to see what I can find. Get through as many of these accounts as possible. See if there's a way to maybe, just maybe, get Kari back.

That's all for now, folks. Feel free to call me crazy in the comments.

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