Friday, 10 June 2011

The Slender Man - Overview of origins

Two years, guys. Two years ago is when Slender Man accounts started showing up on the internet. So I figure now is the most obvious time to start talking about my notes so far.

There are two widely discussed origins of the Slender Man. The first is that He originated  on today's special day, on the original post on the SomethingAwful thread. If ever there's a reason I still cling to a little bit of skepticism, it's that this source of origins appear to be fictional. The user Victor Surge doesn't seem to have posted what he thought was a real thing. If he did, his motives are unknown. If this is genuinely His origin, it would seem that the "tulpa" theory, which I will be discussing later, is the most obvious candidate. Another option is that Surge, like many before him, based his creation on an existing being, knowingly or unknowingly (Perhaps something archetypal? Think The Gentlemen from Buffy, the Tall Man from the Chzo mythos, or the historical accounts) and this will also be explored at a later date.

The other is that He's much older than that. Many accounts of stalkings, including The Walking Willow, but also those which mention germanic origins or even further back, give credance to this idea. Genuine accounts older than 2009 are rare, but reference to them is comparatively common. In addition, He fits the description of any number of boogeymen from around the world; the fair folk, the noppera-bo, and so forth. This isn't as widely discussed these days, but was a frequent hypothesis early on.

Note that these are not mutually exclusive hypotheses. Note also that this, essentially, is a way of saying either "the SomethingAwful thread" or "anywhere else, at all."


I haven't slept in days. I don't want to let my guard down. I also have come to realise, looking at all the photos I took during the black-out period, that I was taking photographs around corners.

Speaking of days, it's three weeks to the day since she was taken. She hasn't shown up. Or hasn't been found.

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