Thursday, 2 June 2011

Hey everyone, it's Ben here. Simon left himself logged on, so I think I should fill you in on what's happened. Simon turned up on my doorstep at about 10:30 this morning, sweating and panting heavily. I suspect he ran all the way from his house - a thirty-minute walk, and not all on flat land. He looked like he hadn't slept or showered in days. His hair was greasy and his clothes were messy and stained here and there. He walked straight past me, wouldn't tell me what happened. I had to look on his blog just to find out what he was doing here. He went straight up to my room, sat at my computer and logged straight onto blogger, started poring over other blogs with a startling veracity. He claimed they had "Daddy" in them as well. When I asked if this was about Halderman and Duncan, he shot me a look of complete bemusement. He had no idea what had happened - the other people involved in the "Daddy" case being picked off one by one. It's been in the papers non-stop for days. How could he honestly not have heard about it? He's been on the internet the whole time, from the sounds of things. I directed him towards the Eastbourne Gazette website. He quickly read the articles and started to giggle under his breath.

For the first time, I felt unsafe around Simon.

I mean, if you knew him, you'd...he's the best guy I know. He has a rather gloomy outlook on life - I never got how him and Kari, eternally optimistic as she is, got on so well - but he's dependable and level headed, not to mention caring, compassionate and strong. He's broken.

It's bizarre, to see someone you know so well in such a state of...degradation.

He wrote up a blog post and then sat at the computer, perusing blogs again. Every so often, he'd look out the window, write a one-word blog post, and then continue reading. At about quarter to seven, he stood up, and quickly as he arrived, he strode down the hallway and back down the stairs, before running out the door. I looked at the computer screen. He's written four words.

"I forgot the book."

He trusted that I'd post it, I guess. So there it is.

 - Ben.

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