Thursday, 9 June 2011

Christ, I'm in the library, on the internet, and I'm so concerned with what's going on in a bunch of kids' blogs half a world away that I didn't even think to check the local newspaper's website. DCI. Duncan was found. Dead, of of course, same as the others. He was found in the alleyway I left my bag in. A whole bunch of people saw the lab tech - a Steven Taynor - walking down the main street in town covered in blood, talking to himself loudly. To say he attracted attention would, obviously, be an understatement. He had a bloody knife on him, and was unresponsive to anyone calling to him. The police tackled him and forced cuffs on him, but he still acted like he didn't even know anyone was there.

Forty minutes later, the police found Duncan's body. It was round the other side of the bin. Right where He saw me lying.

So they've pinned the disappearances and murders on Steven Taynor. Anything for a rational answer. A suit and some tights over his head for a mask. Of course, they're wrong, but it's the only explanation they have. They've lost too many people now. The police, the people who live here, they all want this ordeal over. I want it over as well, but I'm not about to allow myself the luxury of self-deception.

My only explanation for the blood is that he found a dead body and, being a mental, he took a few slashes, played with the corpse a bit. Hopefully the blood involved in this debacle's all been accounted for.

I mean, it's another murder, fitting the same MO. Taynor might be crazy, but he's not strong enough to do any of the things that were done to these people. Though Daddy simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time a whole lot would rather make me laugh.

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