Monday, 6 June 2011

I have a plan of action.

I haven't slept in two days. I've mostly been on my feet, moving about the town as much as possible. I spent about nine hours in the library yesterday using their computers. Reading blogs as quickly as possible. Trying to amass as much knowledge as I can. All I can say is, "Thanks, Chase."

Many are unreadable. Many more are coherent, but almost certainly fictitious. Doesn't matter. I read them anyway, and take note of what they say. Because I have a plan of action.

Kari's been gone for two weeks now. She hasn't turned up dead, or at least, we haven't found her. And, to national outrage, the police have all but given up. Everyone in involved departments has resigned. People are moving out of Eastbourne in droves. There's nothing anyone's doing, because no-one understands The Slender Man.

And that's where I come in.

There are a lot of theories, a lot of cryptic clues thrown about. It makes it harder to do. Understanding Daddy, that is. Which is, of course, the key to getting out of this. I mean, I had theories before, but they were wild speculation - stabs in the dark, appropriately - but now, under all the pressure of survival, I understand that this is my only chance. I'm no fighter. I'm no runner. I'm no survivalist. But I am a thinker.

So, my mission statement?


  1. Don't play into his game dude... actually, that's a pretty good idea, you're a thinker no? well most of the blogs agree that he likes to play with his prey, maybe kari, that teacher and his boyfriend were just ways to reach you.
    Now he's gonna try to drive you insane and he's doing a pretty good job BUT as long as you're interesting for him, he'll keep her alive, so you'll have to stay as sane as possible if you want your girlfriend alive ok? in the meantime we could search for clues

  2. Dude, seven people are dead or missing. I'd be a narcissist to assume that it's all about me. I just hope that I can put up more entertainment for him than girl fleeing across the country with armed police escorts.

    And in my experience, he's less about the driving you insane, more about it being a happy side-effect...wait, maybe there's something in that...