Thursday, 2 June 2011

"The attacks persist. Mostly now when I’m sleeping. I suddenly jerk awake, unable to breathe, bound in ribbons of darkness, drenched in sweat, my heart dying to top two hundred. I’ve no recollection what vision has made me so apoplectic, but it feels like the hinges must have finally failed, whatever was trying to get in, at last succeeding, instantly tearing into me, and though I’m still conscious, slashing my throat with those long fingers and ripping my ribs out one by one with its brutal jaws."
 - House of Leaves.

Back in my room. Door locked. I don't know if He's outside. I don't know if He's trapped in here with me. Staring at the screen. Reading all the other blogs I can, looking for a way out of this.

I remember reading the excerpts that I uploaded earlier, but they're not there now. Of course they're not there. The book only has 189 pages. But I didn't know those things before, and looking them up, they're all true.

I remember reading them.

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