Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Personal Post: Buuuuuugh

Do y'know what's fun? Being asked every five fuck-mothering seconds what's happening with the Fisher investigation. Fine times. Why they don't just go onto Kari's blog and read it there is beyond me; she's basically put up details about an ongoing investigation on her blog for all the world to see, which is of course the sensible option. AND she has eighteen more views than me, so whatever she's doing, it's working.



Anyway, while Kari's just glad that the rape guy is locked up, I'm just concerned about Joey. I bumped into his older sister, Natalie, earlier today. Her friends were in the park with her, evidently trying to cheer her up, maybe take her mind off of her abducted brother. They've certainly set themselves a lofty goal. I was walking through on my way into town when she spotted me, got up and ran over. Entertainingly, as she ran, all the guys in the park's heads turned. She's rather pretty, especially in a tank top and short shorts (I'd be more worried about writing this if Kari didn't also agree that she's hot as all hell). Anyway, she came jogging over to me, all rich, dark hair, long tanned legs and bouncing, barely-contained....ARGH! Okay, so she ran over and asked "Hey, Simon...I was wondering if you knew anything I maybe didn't about my little brother."
This is awkward for me. Any other person asks me that - and they have been - and I can just turn around and say "Listen, you'll know when the papers know." But there's Natalie, standing there with her head lowered, her eyes full of hope and of hopelessness, and I couldn't just send her away.
"The guy they arrested? He doesn't really have an alibi. The police are still searching around for things they can use to convict, but the case is looking pretty sewn up. In the meantime, he's still protesting his innocence, saying he doesn't know where your brother is. Still, if he is alright, that means that right now there's no-one out there to hurt him."
Natalie looked up at me quickly, met my eyes, looked down again, and started crying. She latched onto me and wept onto my shoulder. I hugged her back and tried to whisper reassuring nothings into her ear, but it all felt like platitudes. She's sobbing away because her little brother could be dead, or have had terrible things done to him, and all I can do is tell her there's a chance the police have the guy who did it and hug her awkwardly. Her friends came over, concerned, and she let go of me, pulling away to go rejoin them. Taken aback, I walked back into town. Kari's forgetting that this thing's not over yet.


  1. Fuck you. Fuck you, you arrogant dickwad. I have not fucking forgotten Joey. I'm just relieved that the person who did it can't hurt him any more.

    Sometimes I swear you have no fucking idea about me.

  2. Jesus, Kari, I'm just saying that your vast relief, while probably nice, seems a little callous, especially when Joey's absence figuratively came up to me and wept all over my shirt. Maybe I'm not as panicked about "Daddy" as you were, but what can I say? This is the more immediate problem to me.

  3. What can I say, I'm finally getting a night's sleep. Excuse me if that strikes you as callous that the one who did...that to Ms. Fisher is behind bars.

  4. Seriously, go back and read your earlier blog posts. You seem prematurely relieved.

  5. ...okay, I can kind of see it. I take back the "arrogant dickwad".

    And FYI, you keep on about Natalie like that, not only will I break up with you, but I will beat you to hooking up with her. You've been warned :P