Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Personal post: Slightly hairy morning...

Had a hell of a fright this morning. My girlfriend Kari (the girl from the comments on the last post) is heavily allergic to quite a lot of things, and the list keeps growing. And she must have put something in or near her mouth that she didn't know she was allergic to, because when we met up to talk into college together, the inside of her mouth was swelling rapidly. It ended up getting so bad that she had to go to the hospital (fortunately, the general hospital is right next to our college - lucky for her, as she is something of a ill girl). She's okay now, although the inside of her mouth still stings. Luckily, she didn't keel over or anything but still, it's scary when stuff like that happens. She starts her time as a classroom assistant at the local infant school next week, and if she has a reaction like this one, or one of her myriad other long-term ailments flares up...

I feel like I worry about her too much. She's an adult, and she's been coping with her illnesses for years. I just have a tendency to panic when something like this happens.

Just thought I'd get my thoughts down.

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  1. You make me sound like I'm dying!

    Everyone, I'm back in college as we speak. The medicine fixed me right up in about five minutes. I'm not THAT ill!

    P.S. Sandra apparently cannot tell when someone's on the internet on their mobile phone. Always useful to know ;)